Rental tents

For those who need to travel light, or for those who want to enjoy camping life without the hassle of setting up and dismantling the tent, Farm Camping l'Ulivetta offers equipped tents to rent. We have two big igloo tents, suitable for families, and two smaller igloo tents.

Big Igloo tent

One large igloo tent branded Ferrino, Modell Omega 5, is 4,80m long and 3,50m wide, for a maximum height of 2,20 m.

The second igloo tent branded Tempo, Modell Stelvio 5, is 5,00m long, 3,60m wide, for a maximum height of 2,00m

Both tents, designed for 5 people but rented for a maximun of 4 people, are equipped with four camp cots (or on demand 3 camp cots and one children's cot), camp cove, dishes, table and chairs. 

This tents are suitable for families, two couples, or small groups. The large igloo tents can be rented starting from five nights.

Small Igloo tent

The small igloo tents are branded Quechua T3, each one designed for 3 people, suitable for couples or parents with a baby. The tent is 2,10 m long and 2,00 m wide for a maximum height of 1.20 m.

The igloo is ideal for short stopovers and has a basic equipment with two mattresses, table and chairs. On demand you can have a camp stove and dishes.

The small igloo tents can be rented starting from 1 night.

Linens and sleeping bags

For both solutions you can rent linens, towels and sleeping bags. By departure tents are to be left clean; otherwise you will be charged a cleaning fee (see price list).